Anang-Ashanty Valentine in Bali

Anang-Ashanty Valentine in Bali - Moment valentine apparently exploited a new duet partner Anang and Ashanty. Both will be valentine in Bali, February 14, 2011.

But both are certainly not just a holiday or celebrate Valentine's day. Both will begin her duet on the island, Bali. "Yes now more exercise, we will show later in Bali. Since this first show with Mr Anang, so wear old practice .

Ashanty said he maximally prepare for this first duet. "The difficulty there, as usual singing alone, these together and I discovered the work of Mr Anang how. The difficulty of uniting two people that I both Mr.Anang for one song, but thank God everything smoothly," said the singer used to this.

Anang and Ashanty will bring the songs of their new duet. "That would bring our duet songs. But there are a few songs from old songs from Anang, but his focus again our duet," said Ashanty.

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